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Friday, January 14, 2011






(TRG YEAR 2011-2012)



Ser No Subject Page Nos

1. Part I - General (To be Read By All) 2 - 6

2. Part II - Joining Instructions for PRCN/ Basic/ 6 -10

Refresher Courses

3. Part III - Instructions for Personality Development 11-13

Course (PDC)



References: (a) NCC Act and Rules (Girls Division) 1965.

(b) HQ DG NCC letter No 11314/Misc/WOTS/DG NCC/Trg (B) dt 03 Sep 03.

(c) HQ DG NCC letter No 15964/DGNCC/TRG(B) dt 01 Oct 93.

(d) DG NCC letter No 11314 PRCN (DG NCC/ Trg (B) dated 11 Nov 03.

(e) HQ DG NCC letter No 15790/DGNCC/TRG(B) dt 11 Mar 99.

Appendices: A Pgme of Courses at NCC OTA, Gwalior.

B Medical Standards.

C Clothing and Personal Equipment to be brought.

D Check list of Documents to be brought by Trainees.


1. The National Cadet Corps Officers Training Academy (NCC OTA), is located in Gwalior opposite the Railway Station. On its inception in 1964, the school was called "NCC College for Women". It was subsequently designated as the NCC, Women Officers' Training School (WOTS), & thereafter, renamed as the OTA with effect from Nov 2002. The Academy is the only one of its kind in Asia and is meant for training NCC Whole Time Lady Officers, Lady Associate NCC Officers and Girl Cadet Instructors. The school also runs periodical Refresher Courses for these officers. From 2004, this institution was entrusted with the responsibility to conduct Personality Development Courses for eligible girl cadets to prepare them for the SSB. This Academy also conducts Part I of PRCN training of Lady Associate NCC Officers of Air and Naval Wings of NCC. Due to changes in syllabus, enhancement of scope and additional courses, there is a requirement of revising joining instructions with a view to make them more comprehensive and informative.



Type and Duration of Courses

2. Officers Training Academy, Gwalior conducts the following courses:-

(a) WTLO.

(i) Direct Entry. Direct entry to become permanent commissioned officer. The duration is of six months, on dates as intimated when required.

(ii) Departmental. Departmental entry for GCIs to WTLOs. This course is of three months duration conducted as per requirement on dates to be intimated separately.

(b) Pre-Commission Training Courses.

(i) PRCN & CEC/GD/SW. Pre-Commission Training Course for Senior Wing Lady Officer Cadets i.e, ANOs and Certificate Entry Course (Basic Course for ANOs getting direct commission) . The duration of the course is of three months (90 Days).

(ii) PRCN & CEC/GD/JW. Pre-Commission Training Course for Junior Wing Lady Officer Cadets i.e, ANOs and Certificate Entry Course (Basic Course for ANOs getting direct commission) . The duration of the course is of three months (90 Days).

(iii) PRCN (Part I) Air Force and Navy. Basic PRCN training to Lady Associate NCC Officers of Air and Naval Wings for 21 days.

(c) GCI INTAKE. GCI Intake Course for ex NCC Girl Cadets to become Girl Cadet Instructors on whole time basis. The duration is of three months (90 Days).

(d) Refresher Courses.

(i) WTLO Ref. Refresher Course for Whole Time Lady Officers for one month (30 Days) duration. Conducted once a year on as required basis.

(ii) Ref-Cum-Pro/SW. Refresher Cum Promotion Courses for Senior Wing Officers, i.e, ANOs. Duration is of one month (30 days).

(iii) Ref-Cum-Pro/JW. Refresher Cum Promotion Course for Junior Wing Officers, i.e, ANOs.Duration is of one month (30 days).

(iv) Ref-Cum-Pro/GCI. Refresher Training Course for GCIs. Conducted once a year for duration of 30 days on as required basis.

(e) Personality Development Course Two courses of 102 Cadets each. Each course is of 10 days duration.

(f) Schedule of Courses for 2011 – 12 Schedule of courses planned for the year 2011 – 12 is attached as Appendix ‘A’.

Allotment of Vacancies

3. Programme of courses is notified by the HQ DGNCC, well before the commencement of the training year. DG NCC allots vacancies and issues instructions for detailing trainees separately for each course to the State Dtes. Dtes further sub-allot these vacancies to various Groups/Girls Bns/ Indep Girl Coys. It is important that the Gp HQ / Bns inform trainees well in advance, to enable adequate pre-course preparation & railway reservation by them. Dtes will also intimate NCC, OTA, Gwalior, details of trainees attending, six weeks prior to the commencement of the course, for making necessary arrangements.



4. Trainees are required to report one day’ prior to the commencement of the course. Trainees and the concerned Gp HQ are required to intimate their expected time of arrival (ETA) to Adjutant OTA, Gwalior, to facilitate reception. Adjt may be contacted on the following Nos:-

(a) Tele & Fax : 0751-2341346

(b) Mobile : 09425631031


5. A reception centre is established at Gwalior Railway Station, one day prior to commencement of each course, to guide and transport trainees to OTA. Trainees should report at the NCC OTA Reception Centre at Platform No 1, near the main entrance / exit gate. The Academy Adjutant / Reception centre can be contacted on civil telephone numbers 9425631031 / 9179748080 or military numbers 2214 / 2217, respectively, for any assistance required. In the event of any problem, the MCO Office on Platform No 1 may also be contacted.

Accommodation and Messing.

6. Reasonably well-furnished rooms with attached toilets and dressing room are provided at the Academy. Four trainees will share one room. Married accommodation is not available. Mattress, pillows, bed sheets, pillow covers & mosquito net will be provided by the OTA. Trainees / Cadets should bring their own blankets / quilts etc., as per season / as required by them. In addition, one set of pillow cover and bed sheet is provided on payment from the Academy, for special occasions like insp and visits.

7. Student trainees will have to pay for accommodation, messing and other allied charges from funds given by their respective units (as applicable).

8. Services of Dhobi (washer man) & Tailor are also available at the Academy. Rates for washing and stitching charges are finalised by a Board of Officers before the commencement of the training year.


9. No private bearers / help are permitted. Room Ayahs if available, will be provided by OTA in accordance with instructions laid down by DG NCC.


10. Gwalior is very hot from March to August with the temperature going up to 48 degrees Celsius, during day. The weather is mild from September to November and extremely cold during December to February, when the day temperature varies from 6 to 25 degrees C, and the night temperature from 2 to 10 degree Celsius. Trainees / cadets must bring clothing accordingly.



11. Visitor's time is notified in Academy Routine Orders from time to time, and displayed at the Main Gate of the Academy. Visitors are allowed only on holidays / Sundays, and in the afternoon on Saturdays. Trainees will give the names of visitors / local guardians who are likely to visit them, on arrival at the Academy. All visitors will sign the “Visitors Register” kept with the sentry at the main gate. Accommodation will not be provided for any visitor or relative within the academy premises. Payment accommodation is available in ‘Hotel India’ opposite the OTA, (within walking distance). Visitors will meet trainees in the Visitor's Room only, and they are not permitted to visit their accommodation. Trainee's husband, children and parents are welcome to witness the Passing Out Parade with prior intimation. However they are required to make their own arrangements for their stay.

Out Pass / Leave

12. Trainees will be permitted to go out on Sundays/holidays, in groups. No night out pass is permitted, even to local trainees. No leave is granted to the trainees during the course except on extreme compassionate grounds. Trainees falling short of attendance will be returned from the course.

Telephone Facility

13. Trainees are permitted to use mobile phones within the premises of living accommodation. Mobiles are not permitted to be carried to training area and class rooms. In case of emergency, the trainees can be contacted with prior permission of Adjutant, on Tele Number 0751-2341346 between 0800h to 1300h. Telephone Numbers for any emergency, during non-working hours are: -

(a) Adjt : 09425631031

(b) Trg Offr (Coord) : 07898675561

(c) Adm Offr : 09993053293.

(d) Sub Maj : 0751 – 4049815.

14. Other civil tele numbers which can be contacted in emergency, when there is no response from the above mentioned telephones, are: -

(a) Commandant - 0751-2340850 (O) / 2340951(R)

(b) Deputy Commandant & CI - 0751-2341411(O & R)

15. Mobile Phones

(a) Trainees are permitted to bring their mobile phones for the course but will be responsible for the safe custody of their cell phones. This Academy will in no way be responsible for the loss/theft of the cell phones.

(b) Local SIM Cards (Prepaid) will be available from various service providers during the start of the course for trainees desirous of availing the facility. However it will be the sole responsibility of the trainee to clear all her bills prior to her departure on termination of the course.


Postal Address

16. The postal address of the Academy is NCC Officers Training Academy, Station Road, Gwalior-474002 (MP). All official correspondence except private letters is to be addressed to: -

The Adjutant

NCC Officers Training Academy,

Station Road

Gwalior - 474002 (MP)

Telegraphic Address

17. The telegraphic address of the Academy is OTA, Gwalior. A FAX machine to receive incoming FAX only, is functional on Tele Number 0751-2341346.

E Mail Address

18. The e-mail address of NCC OTA, Gwalior is


19. A medical fitness certificate preferably signed by a Military Medical Officer as per standards laid down in Appendix A to Ministry of Defence letter No 0384/50/NCC dated 10 Mar 1950 (refer pages 33 & 34 of NCC Act and Rules (Girls Division), Reprint 1965), will be brought by each student trainee. A copy of the medical standards is appended as Appendix 'B' to these Instructions. The student trainees are advised to get a thorough medical check up done to avoid being returned to the unit by the Medical Officer of OTA. Attention is also drawn to HQ NCC letter No 11314/Misc/WOTS/DG NCC/ Trg(B) dt 03 Sep 03 vide which policy on overweight trainees has been amplified. It is advised that a trainee undergoes a two weeks Physical Conditioning Capsule involving 3 kms of Speed Walking and 2 kms of Jogging. It is pertinent to mention that PT, Games and Drill are important aspects of the course curriculum.

20. Trainees / Cadets should also be protected against typhoid and cholera prior to their arrival at the OTA, and a certificate to this effect, duly countersigned by the OC Unit, should be submitted on arrival.

21. Responsibility of medical fitness will be that of concerned Unit / NCC Dtes. Dtes will endorse a separate certificate to the effect that the individuals are fit to undergo training at the OTA. NO TRAINEE / CADET SHOULD BE DETAILED WITH KNOWN HISTORY OF MEDICAL AILMENT.

22. A thorough medical check up will also be carried out by the Medical Officer of OTA, notwithstanding the Medical Certificate brought by the trainees. Incase of any medical disorder is noticed, she shall be returned and HQ DG NCC info.

23. For the duration of the course, medical cover will be provided by the lady doctor at OTA, as also Military Hospital, Gwalior.



24. Trainees are advised not to bring costly items or ornaments with them since OTA cannot accept responsibility for any losses. Responsibility of all valuables / cash / mobiles will rest with respective individuals. Trainees are not permitted to wear any jewellery item during training, hence it will be prudent not to carry any jewellery item during the course.

Sports and Games.

25. Arrangements exist for the following games: -

(a) Badminton.

(b) Volleyball.

(c) Throw Ball.

(d) Basket Ball.

(e) Table Tennis.

(f) Lawn Tennis.

(g) Pool Games.

Computer Lab

26. A 30-station computer lab with server and internet facility is available, and students can make use of this facility for presentations etc.

Discipline / Return / Withdrawal of Trainees from Course

27. All trainees are expected to display a high sense of discipline and honesty. In the event of breach of discipline, the following action will be taken :-

(a) Offence Committed First Time. A trainee who commits an offence such as coming late on parade, display of unbecoming conduct, non-adherence of out-pass timings, leaving the lines without permission etc, would qualify for being awarded a 'Reprimand' by the Dy Commandant. This fact will also be endorsed in the Course Report of the trainee, and DG NCC informed accordingly.

(b) Offence Committed More Than Once If a trainee commits an offence more than once, the matter will immediately be referred to the DG NCC for further necessary action as appropriate. The trainee, under these circumstances, will be returned to unit and the follow up report sent to all concerned for information and further necessary disciplinary action against the individual.

(c) Late Arrival In case a trainee arrives late for the course, she will be returned to the unit. Where late arrival of a trainee is attributed to reasons beyond her control and is of such a duration which is not likely to seriously affect her training at the course, the Commandant will exercise his discretion. In genuine cases, Commandant may accept late arrival up to a maximum of two days.

(d) Absence During Course

(i) The maximum period of absence allowed is approx 10% of the duration of the course (this also, only on extreme compassionate grounds). Thus for varying duration of courses it will be as under:-

(aa) One month - Three days

(ab) Three months - Nine days

(ac) Six months - Fifteen days

(ii) Any absence over and above the laid down limits may be permitted by the Commandant, OTA depending on the merits of the case.


(e) Withdrawal at Individual’s Own Request Withdrawal from a course at the behest of trainee’s own request will be discouraged as far as possible. However, when the Comdt is satisfied, after interviewing the trainee concerned about the authenticity of reasons for withdrawal, he may permit withdrawal of the trainee and DG NCC will be intimated of the same. For this purpose, a written request will be made by the trainee.

(f) Candidates Not Likely To Make the Grade

(i) Trainees who are weak and unlikely to pass will be warned by the Commandant in the Mid - Term interview or whenever the progress is found to be unsatisfactory. Such individuals will be given special attention and every help during the training to improve. If there is still no progress, the trainee is likely to be returned from the course.

(ii) In the case of pre - commission courses, candidates who eventually fail will not be allowed to take part in the Passing out Parade. They will be returned a day or two prior to the Passing out Parade by which time their final results will have been decided.

(g) The above stipulations are governed by HQ DGNCC letter No 15861/DG NCC/Trg (B) dated 08 Oct 97.

(h) Wearing of uniform All trainees are required to wear the authorised shade and pattern of uniform. Trainees found wearing unauthorised uniform shall be returned from the course.

Medium of Instruction

28. All trainees must have adequate spoken and written proficiency in Hindi or English, as these are the only medium of instructions followed at the Academy, as per directions of DG NCC.

Grading on Courses

29. The course grading is awarded on the following criteria:-

(a) 'A' Grade. Aggregate of 70% or above, subject to a minimum of 60% in all individual tests.

(b) 'B' Grade. Aggregate of 60% and above but less than 70%, subject to a minimum of 50% in all individual tests.

(c) 'C' Grade. Aggregate of 46% and above but less than 60%, subject to a minimum of 30% in all individual tests.

(d) Fail. Aggregate of less than 46%, or less than 30% in any individual test.

30. The above ruling is governed by HQ NCC letter No 15790/DGNCC/Trg(B) dt 11 Nov 99.

Precis / Training Material

31. Precis, both in Hindi and English, shall be provided at OTA, free of cost. Map Board along with maps shall be provided by the academy.

Payment of Bills.

32. The trainees will settle all bills other than those adjustable by CDA, before leaving the Academy, on termination of the course. NCC Dte / Units will ensure that the trainees are despatched with sufficient money for the duration of the course.



33. On termination of course, trainees / cadets will be permitted to depart earliest, only after 1600 hrs on the last day of the course. Return reservation, which is the responsibility of the Trainee, should therefore be done accordingly.

34. All trainees / cadets must ensure the following, before their departure : -

(a) All bills are cleared / obtain clearance from all concerned.

(b) Check room furniture and hand it over properly as per room inventory.

(c) Collect Movement Order / Detention Certificate.

(d) Check luggage and confirm nothing is left behind.



35. Apart from the movement order and nominal roll, the trainees should bring with them the documents listed at Appendix ‘D’.

36. Directly commissioned ANOs holding NCC 'C' certificate must bring Form II and Approval of DG NCC, as proof of their status, in addition to the documents listed at Appendix ‘C’, failing which their course report will be held up.

Clothing and Personal Equipment

37. The trainees should be in possession of complete sets of uniform (Tuck Ins only), bedding (less mattress, pillow and mosquito net), personal clothes, PT shoes (predominately white colour with adequate cushioning effect), personal effects and other training equipment as per Appendix 'C’.

38. The following additional clothing / equipment will be provided by the Academy to the trainees on payment, for PRCN, CEC, WTLO, GCI Intake and Ref-Cum-Promotion Course: -

(a) Uniform. A new terrycot tuck in dress will be stitched for the POP at NCC OTA. This is to ensure that the colour and design is similar for all participants in the Passing out Parade.

(b) Track Suit. Track Suit will be provided on payment to all trainees of PRCN and WTLO Course. The Ref course ANOs are to bring their previous track suit (preferably navy blue colour) or, may purchase it here.

(c) Cummerband, Leather Belts, Scarf, Gloves and Spats All trainees of regular courses will have to wear Cummerband, Leather Belts, Scarf Gloves and Spats for POP. The Academy will provide the same to the trainees on loan. The trainees will however have to purchase the scarf and gloves given to them, while the others will be returned.

(d) Saree. Saree with petticoat and blouse will be stitched and provided on payment at the Academy, to all the trainees attending PRCN/Ref Course.

(e) Bed Sheet / Pillow Cover. One set of Bed Sheet and Pillow cover for use during VIP visits / inspection, will be procured centrally for uniformity, & be paid for by the Trainees.

(c) Ref Course. In the event of a Ref Course being held independently, with no POP scheduled, items at Ser (a), (c) & (d) will not be required.


Mid Term Break

39. A midterm break of two to three days is given for Pre-Commission & GCI Intake Courses, & seven days (including Sunday holiday) for WTLO Courses of six months duration only during which trainees are permitted to go home.

Cultural Activities

40. Trainees of PRCN, WTLO & GCI courses are required to take part in cultural programme / National Integration Awareness Programme, as part of the curriculum. In view of the aforesaid, the trainees are advised to bring costumes required for their cultural items to enable them to take part in such cultural activities during the course.

Pre-Course Training

41. It is desirable that those trainees who are detailed to attend courses at NCC OTA come will prepared, and have undergone a pre-course on the Block & Detailed Syllabus available at Dtes. In addition : -

(a) For Pre-Commission, GCI Intake & WTLO Courses.

(i) Physical conditioning and basic PT exercises for suppleness to avoid muscle soreness. This should be achieved by carrying out a brisk walk of 30-40 minutes per day, for at least 15 days, and some basic toughening exercises.

(ii) Mastering basic drill movements with well fitting shoes, to prevent blisters and cramps.

(iii) A perusal of the Girls Division handbook on NCC Training.

(iv) A basic knowledge of computers is desirable (MS Words & MS Powerpoint).

(v) Basic knowledge of Current Affairs.

(vi) Knowledge about own state to prepare a National Integration Awareness Program.

(b) For Refresher Courses.

(i) PT. Be able to jog / walk 2000 metres in 12 minutes.

(ii) Drill. Revise all words of command and improve personal drill.

(iii) Knowledge of duties of all Camp Appointments is obligatory.

(iv) Elementary Knowledge of Computer.

(v) Revision of the complete Pre-Commission syllabus in all subjects would help. They should also be able to conduct classes in all indoor and outdoor subjects.

Entrance Test

42. An entrance test will be conducted at OTA, immediately on arrival of the trainees, to test the standard of the pre-course trg. All units should therefore take adequate interest in imparting pre-course trg to individuals detailed for the course. Trainees are also expected to have good knowledge of our country and its states, culture and languages.



43. Trainees detailed to attend various courses at the OTA will bring their full entitlement of funds in accordance with Schedule II to Rule 34 and 35 of NCC Acts and Rules (Girls Division), as amended from time, towards the expenditure at OTA. It should preferably be by crossed bank draft payable to the "Commandant NCC OTA Gwalior" at the State Bank of India, Mela Road, Gwalior, at the rate of ` 120/- and ` 125/-per day for GCI and ANO respectively or as per rates as amended from time to time. All Bank Drafts when forwarded to the NCC OTA, Gwalior, should be under covering letter indicating the details of the course, particulars of trainees and the amount to be credited against each. For personal requirement, trainees may bring money at the rate of approximately Rs 1000/- per month. However, each student officer is expected to plan her personal budget according to her needs. WTLO and GCI course trainees will subsequently claim the messing charges through CDA, and therefore must ensure that they carry the requisite amount.

44. On arrival, the trainees will deposit the following amount on account of messing & allied charges (These are subject to change as approved by DG NCC):-

(a) PRCN & GCI Course - ` 11250 / ` 10800 (` 125 / 120 x90 days)

(b) Ref Course - ` 3750 / ` 3600 (` 125 / 120 x30 days).

(c) WTLOs Course - ` 22500 / ` 21600 (` 125 / 120 x 180 days)

(d) PRCN AF/ Navy (PART- I) - ` 2625 / ` 2520 (` 125 / 120 x 21 days)

45. They will also have to deposit Rs 3000/- against POP uniform items & visits as follows (not for PRCN Pt I of Airforce and Navy trainees): -

(a) POP Uniform –01 Set.

(b) White Bed Sheet with Pillow cover – 01 set. ( Pillow covers -2)

(c) Saree Uniform – 01 Set.

(d) Track Suit with two T-shirts.

(e) Sports cap.

(f) Uniform Accessories.

46. In addition to the above, a WTLO trainee will be required to pay an additional amount of Rs. 6000 (approx) towards the cost of stitching the following :-

(a) One set of SD Uniform.

(b) One set of Combat Uniform.

(c) One set of Mess Dress 6B.

(d) Two sets of Winter Uniform.

47. The above amounts may be revised in view of the escalation factor.

TA / DA and Other Allowances

48. Associate NCC Officers (SW/JW), GCIs and Girl Cadets attending courses at the OTA are entitled to conveyance and other allowances for the period of their journey and halt, as per the NCC Act and Rules (Girls Division) as amended, and Govt of India, Min of Defence letter, issued in this regard. Units will give advance towards TA/DA and messing to their officers / officer cadets, if the same is not provided in time. Otherwise, the trainees will have to spend the amount from their own pocket initially and claim the same subsequently.


Concession Voucher

49. In accordance with the NCC Act and Rules (Girls Division), ANOs / cadets detailed to attend Refresher / Pre-Commission training courses are entitled to cash TA. No concession vouchers will therefore, be issued to the trainees for their journey to and from NCC OTA, Gwalior. WTLOs will however, travel by warrant issued by the respective unit.


Screening of Cadets

50. Only cadets with right aptitude and attitude should be detailed so as to derive maximum benefit from the coaching classes. Dtes and units must screen suitable cadets, so that they satisfy the criteria given below: -

(a) Should be a volunteer with good discipline and keen to join army / services.

(b) Should have adequate knowledge of Hindi and English.

(c) Should be physically and mentally fit.

(d) Should be quick on the uptake, intelligent, able to converse and keen to learn.

(e) Preferably from final year of NCC Trg and appearing for NCC 'C"' Certificate Examination.

(f) Do not send first year cadets and ex-NCC cadets.

Pre Course Trg

51. Certain amount of brisk walking and conditioning will help in developing flexibility and negotiating obstacles. Cadets must keep themselves abreast with current affairs, as this would be of help in the Group discussions.


52. Details of documents required to be brought by the cadets are as given in Appendix 'C' to these Joining Instructions.

Clothing and Personal Eqpt

53. Due to severe winters from Dec to Feb, all cadets are advised to bring adequate warm clothing/quilts to protect themselves from the winter chill. Mattress, pillow and mosquito net will be provided at the Academy. The cadets must also bring following clothing and eqpt:

(a) Uniform with jersey.

(b) Track suit and sports shoes/ jungle boots.

(c) Salwar Kameez/Saree (preferably minimum two).

Movement & Dispersal

54. The cadets should report a day prior to commencement of the course and should plan on leaving, earliest at 1500 hrs on the last day of the course. Dtes must ensure that reservations are done accordingly

55. Only permanent staff escort will accompany the girl cadets during the journey and this escort should be prepared to return the same day due to paucity of accommodation at OTA. On termination of the course, escorts for the return journey must reach the Academy latest by 1000 hrs on the final day of the course. Cadets will not be permitted to travel without escort.


56. During train move, security of the girl cadets will be the responsibility of the PI Staff.


57. The following instructions will be strictly adhered to:

(a) No cadet /PI staff will leave the Academy without the permission of the Adjutant.

(b) No leave of any kind is permitted during the capsule for trainees and GCIs attached.

(c) Cadets are advised not to bring any valuable/jewellery. The Academy would not be responsible for losses.

(d) No GCI will leave for her Dte without prior permission of the Trg Offr (Coord) / Adjt.


Appendix ‘A’

(Ref to Para 2(f) of

Joining Instructions)


FOR YEAR 2011-12



Total Str to be Detailed

in Days





PRCN/GD/ SW - 85



07 Feb 11

07 May 11

Str of 120 should be ensured as it is not economically viable to run a small course given ltd messing allce.

CEC SW-56 @


07 Feb 11

07 May 11



07 Feb 11

07 May 11

CEC JW-58 @


07 Feb 11

07 May 11

GCI New Entry - 15


07 Feb 11

07 May 11



120 + AF/Navy PRCN Part - I


04 Jul 11

02 Aug 11

Distr of vacancy to be decided by Trg Dte

Ref Cum Pro SW-49


04 Jul 11

02 Aug 11

Ref Cum Pro JW-51


04 Jul 11

02 Aug 11

GCI REF - 46


04 Jul 11

02 Aug 11

AF/ Navy PRCN Part I - 3


04 Jul 11

24 Jul 11


PRCN/GD/ SW - 86



16 Aug 11

20 Nov 11

Str of 120 should be ensured as it is not economically viable to run a small course given ltd messing allce.

CEC SW-57 @


16 Aug 11

20 Nov 11



16 Aug 11

20 Nov 11

CEC JW-59 @


16 Aug 11

20 Nov 11

GCI New Entry - 16


16 Aug 11

20 Nov 11


PDC - 17



09 Jan 12

18 Jan 12

PDC for Trg Yr 2011-12.


PDC - 18



23 Jan 12

01 Feb 12


Direct commissioned ANOs holding NCC 'C' Certificate are required to undergo three months Certificate Entry Course under provisions of DG NCC letter No 11314 PRCN (DG NCC Trg (B)) dated 11 Nov 03. Three months Certificate Entry Course for Direct commissioned ANOs will be held concurrently with the PRCN Courses.


Appendix 'B'

(Refers to Para 19 of Part I of Joining Instructions )


LETTER NO 0384/50/NCC DATED 10 MAR 1950

1. The candidate must be in good mental and bodily health and free from any physical defect likely to interfere with the efficient performance of military duty.

2. Her medical examination for determining the acuteness of vision includes two tests; one for distant, the other for near vision. The Army Test will be used for the test for distant vision, without glasses at a distance of 20 feet, and for the test for near vision without glasses, at any distance selected by the candidate. the standards of the minimum acuteness of vision with which a candidate will be considered fit are as follows:-


Right eye Left eye

Distance vision - V-6/6 V-6/6

Near vision - Read 0,6. Read 0,6.


Better eye Worse eye

Distant vision V-6/6 V, without glasses - not

below 6/60 and after

correction with glasses

not below 6/24.

Near vision Read 0,6 Read 1.


Better eye Worse eye

Distant vision V, without glasses V, without glasses - not

not below 6/60 below 6/60

and after correction and after correction with

with glasses - not glasses – not below 6/24.

below 6/6.

Near vision Read 0,8. Read 1.

3. Each eye must have a full field of vision as tested by hand movements.

4. Squint or any morbid condition of the eyes of the lids of either eye liable to the risk of aggravation or recurrence will cause the rejection of the candidate.

5. Each eye will be examined separately, and the lids kept wide open during the test.

6. Inability to distinguish the principal colours will not be regarded as cause for rejection but the fact will be noted in the proceeding and the candidate informed.


7. The degree of acuteness of vision of all candidates for commission will be entered in the proceedings in the following manner:-

V.R_______________ with glasses ________________Reads ___________________

V.L________________ with glasses _______________Reads____________________

8. No relaxation of the standards of vision will be allowed

9. The following additional points will then be observed:-

(a) That her hearing is good and there is no sign of ear disease.

(b) That her speech is without impediment.

(c) That her teeth are in good order. She must have 10 sound teeth in the upper jaw functionally opposed to 10 sound teeth in the lower jaw. Two of these teeth in each jaw must be molars. Well-filled teeth will be considered as sound.

(d) That her chest is well formed and that her lungs and heart are sound.

(e) That she does not suffer from severe Varicose Veins. A candidate who has been successfully operated upon will be accepted.

(f) That her limbs are well formed and developed.

(g) That there is free and perfect motion of all joints.

(h) That her feet and toes are well formed.

(j) That she does not suffer from any inveterate skin disease.

(k) That she has no congenital malformation or defect.

(l) That she does not bear traces of previous acute or chronic disease pointing to an impaired constitution.

(m) That she has been vaccinated successfully (or twice unsuccessfully * within the last five years).

(n) That she does not suffer from any chronic gynaecological disorder.

(o) That she is not pregnant.

* In support of this, the candidate will be required to produce a certificate signed by a medical officer


Appendix 'C'

(Refers to Para 37 of

Part II of Joining Instructions)



S.No Items Scale Qty Remarks


1. Shirt bush Terry Cot Khaki (Tuck in) Nos 02

2. Trouser Terry cot Khaki (Tuck in) -do- 02

3. Salwar White -do- 01

4. Kameej White -do- 01

5. Shoes Black Boot DMS Pair 02

6. Sports Shoes (Predominant white -do- 02

with cushioning)

7. Beret Rifle Green Nos 01

8. Socks Nylon White Pair 02

9. Socks Nylon Black -do- 02

10. Lanyard NCC -do- 01

11. Title Shoulders NCC Pair 01

12. Cap Badge Nos 01

13. Blankets -do- 02 for winters only.

14. Durrie / Ground Sheet -do- 01

15. Kit Bag -do- 01

16. Raincape -do 01

17. Swimming Costume Nos 01 WTLOs only.

18. Service Protractor -do- 01

19. Chinagraph Pencil -do- 01

20. OHP Marking Pen (Blue & Black) -do- 02


21. Hair Net -do- 02

22. Hand Torch -do- 01

23. NCC Act & Rules Pamphlet 01

24. White Paper Ream 01

25. File Cover -do- 05


Note: (a) Bedding (less mattress, pillow and mosquito net), warm clothes and toilet requisites under own arrangements.

(b) CSD facilities are available in the OTA.

(b) Wearing of photo-chromatic power glasses is not permitted during parades.

(c) No trainee will be permitted to wear nose rings, bracelets and earrings during the conduct of course.


Appendix ‘D’

(Refers to Paras 36 and 52 of

Joining Instructions)



1. The list of documents to be brought is as given below with the specimen format:-

(a) Medical Fitness Certificate - Annexure-I

(b) Nominal Roll. - Annexure-II

(c) Form of Indemnity bond - Annexure-III

(d) Willingness Certificate - Annexure IV

(e) Risk Certificate - Annexure V

(f) Movement Order

(g) Vaccination/ Inoculation certificate - Annexure VI

(not for cadets)

(h) Parents Consent Certificate - Annexure VII

(for cadets only)


Annexure I

(Ref to Para 1(a) of Appx C)


Certified that I have examined No__________________________________________ Rank_______________ Name__________________________________________________

of College__________________________________________________________________

of Unit_____________________________________________________________________

in accordance with the standard laid in NCC Acts and Rules, Appx 'A' and found her fit to

under go___________________________________________ course at NCC OTA, Gwalior wef ____________________________ to __________________________________

Station: Signature of Medical Officer

Name in block letters


Date: Practioner Licence No



Annexure II

(Ref to Para 1(b) of Appx C )


WEF TO _____

Unit : NCC Dte


S.No Regt No. Rank Name of Father's Name

with yrs NCC Cadets & Address

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.


Name of Institution Year of Trg Veg/Non Veg Remark

6. 7. 8. 9.

____________________________________________________________________________Sig of Contingent i/C Sig of CO Unit


Annexure III

(Ref to Para 1(c) of Appx C)


In consideration of my being nominated either by NCC authorities or at my request to undergo all types of training and also participate in any camp/course/Adventure Training activities/in/outside NCC and travelling, I undertake and agree that neither I nor my executor or administrator will make any claim against the Govt of India or against any Officer, JCO/OR, Armed Forces/Civilian MT Driver or against any injury (including injury resulting in death) which I may suffer while or in consequence of my being in Training/participation in any camp/course/adventure training activities in/outside NCC and travelling, and I understand that no compensation will be paid by the Govt of India or any Officer, JCO/OR, Armed Forces/Civilian MT Driver against any in the Govt of India and in respect of such loss or injury (including injury resulting death) and agree so as to bind myself, executors and administrators to indemnity the Govt of India any Officer JCO/OR, Armed Forces/Civilian MT Driver and any person in the service of Govt of India against my claim which may be made by any third party against them or any of them arising out of any act of default on my part during or in connection of said training/camp/course/adventure training and journey by road/rail/sea/river and flight.

The Govt has agreed to bear the stamp duty on this document.

Signed by the applicant

in presence of:

Witness: Signature of Principal/ Head of Institution

or Parent of cadets for PDC Courses

1. Signature:

With date: ...................................

Name in Block letter (Capital)

2. Signature:

With date: .......................................

Name in Block letter (Capital)


Unit Seal Sd/-x-x-x-x-x-

Date : Commanding Officer


Annexure IV

(Ref to Para 1 (d) of Appx C)


Certified that I No _________________________________________


Name______________________________________________ am willing to


Wef __________________________ to ___________________________ at my own risk.

Station: Signature of Individual



Signature of Principal


Unit Seal

Date: Commanding Officer


Annexure V

(Ref to Para 1 (e) of Appx C)


This is to certify that I No ____________________ Rank__________________________

Name________________________ of College/school________________________________

volunteer to attend the NCC ________________________course being held at NCC OTA, Gwalior from________________________ to ____________________ at my own risk.


Date: (Signature of the applicant)


(Signature of Head of Institution)


Unit Seal

Date : Commanding Officer


Annexure VI

(Ref to Para 1 (g) of Appx C)


Certified that No ___________________________________ Rank______________________


Unit_____________________________________________ (coy tp) has been inoculated / vaccinated against small pox/typhoid/cholera and tetanus.

Station: Signature of Medical Officer

Name in block letters



Unit Seal

Date: Commanding Officer


Annexure VII

(Ref to Para 1(h) of Appx C)


This is to certify that I have no objection to spare my Son/Daughter No ____________________

Rank __________________________ Name _______________________________________

to attend the course __________________________ from ____________________________

to ____________ .

Station : Gwalior ________________________________________

Dated : Sig of Parent/Guardian

(Name in block letters)


Sig of Principal/Headmaster

With Designation & Seal


Unit Seal

Date: Commanding Officer